Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What are the delivery times?

Generally lead times are 2-3 weeks from approval of artwork. However urgent orders can be accommodated depending on various factors, our sales team can advise you on this. Special factory custom orders are manufactured overseas, please refer to "What does Indent mean" in point 7 or "Custom Made" on the bottom menu for more details.

2.    What are the minimum quantities?

Different products have different minimum quantities dependent on the cost of decorating the product.

3.    Are samples available?

We have a range of samples available for your perusal, your account manager will discuss this option with you.

4.    What is a pms colour?

A pms colour is a print colour with a code used by printers to represent ink colours. A standard format used throughout the world, your logo will be made up of these pms colours.

5.    What is an eps?

An eps (encapsulated post script) is an electronic file containing an image (logo) and is the specified format required for artwork. See Artwork Requirements for more details.

6.    What does Indent mean?

This is a custom factory order which means we produce and decorate the item in an overseas factory. There are minimum quantities required to make this option feasible, lead-time is between 8 weeks for sea freighted items or 6 weeks air freighted.

Benefits include:
o        Price savings
o        The ability to provide a truly unique custom item
o        Flexibility of colours
o        Flexibility with fabrics
o        Add extra features to an existing design
o        Create a new design