1. Compact Umbrella 1003891

    Compact Umbrella
    190T high quality nylon, 3 Section shaft, Auto open, Auto close, 8 ribs, Rubberisd handle with...


  2. 2.2m Piha Beach Umbrella 1010951

    2.2m Piha Beach Umbrella
    2.2m round beach umbrella. High quality fittings and good looks make the Piha one of the best beach...


  3. 46" Blue Skies Auto Open Folding Umbrella 1020080

    Automatic opening. Dual layer polyester canopy with matching polyester case. Cloud pattern on...


  4. 48 inch Auto Close Inversion Umbrella 1021292

    48 inch Auto Close Inversion Umbrella
    Innovative inverted folding design: opens and closes ''''inside-out'''' making it easier to use...


  5. Agent Umbrella 1010699

    Agent Umbrella
    The ultimate car umbrella! Compact section folder that will fit into any glovebox. Auto open and...


  6. Ascot Umbrella 1006680

    Ascot Umbrella
    An umbrella for the handbag. In bright colours with matching colour handle. Great for the races or...


  7. Augusta Umbrella 1005118

    Augusta Umbrella
    Superior wind vent system, 190T high quality showerproof nylon (available in 13 colourways) 75cm...


  8. Auto Open 42" Folding Color Splash Umbrella 1020140

     Auto Open 42
    Auto opening umbrella. Polyester canopy with colour pop under canopy and matching button on handle....


  9. Auto Open Colorised Fashion Umbrella 1022179

    Auto Open Colorised Fashion Umbrella
    46'' canopy arc, automatic opening umbrella. Colorised features include a classic crooked handle,...

    from$13.00 Each

  10. Avon Compact Umbrella 1008553

    Avon Compact Umbrella
    Double fold 52 cm, 8 panel umbrella with auto opening. Has a strong 190T showerproof canopy which...


  11. Bahama Beach Umbrella 1020562

    Bahama Beach Umbrella
    Large 102cm, eight panel beach umbrella with a showerproof polyester canopy which has a reflective...


  12. BLUNT Classic Umbrella 1120958

    BLUNT Classic Umbrella
    BLUNT’s original full-size, full-length and fully tensioned high-performance umbrella is the...


  13. BLUNT Coupe Umbrella 1120963

    BLUNT Coupe Umbrella
    At only 430g, the BLUNT Coupe is a lightweight, full-length umbrella which means coverage isn’t...


  14. BLUNT Exec Umbrella 1120964

    BLUNT Exec Umbrella
    The Exec is the largest full-length street umbrella in the BLUNT range and is big enough for at...


  15. BLUNT Metro Umbrella 1120962

    BLUNT Metro Umbrella
    The BLUNT Metro umbrella is compact, convenient, collapsible, and perfectly sized to provide...


  16. Boutique 1008387

    Classically styled wooden umbrellla with steel ribs. Nickel highlights make this a vintage look. 8...


  17. Centrix Conference Satchel 1020513

    Centrix Conference Satchel
    Centrix combines superb design and functionality to produce a smart, yet very affordable conference...


  18. Chic 1014222

    Straight from the fashion streets of Italy. This 3 section folder will fit into your handbag and is...


  19. Classic Umbrella 1000566

    Classic Umbrella
    Unique 16 rib design, Black electroplated frame, High quality pongee fabric, Auto opening


  20. Compact Canister 1006681

    Compact Canister
    Silver plastic canister for compact umbrellas.


  21. Compact Umbrella 1008472

    Compact Umbrella
    190T high quality nylon (available in 13 colourways) 54cm (21") canopy with 8 ribs Rubberised...


  22. Contour Umbrella 1003828

    Contour Umbrella
    190T high quality showerproof nylon (available in 13 colourways), 75cm (30") canopy with 8...


  23. Curve Umbrella 1003444

    Curve Umbrella
    Classic styling, 190T nylon fabric, Black electroplated frame, Auto-opening


  24. Cyclone Umbrella 1008475

    Cyclone Umbrella
    190T high quality showerproof nylon (available in 13 colourways), 75cm (30") canopy with 8...


  25. Dapper 1014243

    Style and function combine in the Dapper. For the man who care what he looks like in any kind of...


  26. Delta 1011492

    Indestructible NEW folding umbrella frame design. This is the strongest, most robust folding...


  27. Dew Drop 1014230

    Dew Drop
    High quality folder with textured handle. Realistic rain drops on the handle gives this umbrella a...


  28. Double Dri Umbrella 1004711

    Double Dri Umbrella
    2 section folder with a rubberised handle. Auto open


  29. Dynasty 1014234

    Perfect for that special ocassion. Parasol design of top quality workmanship. Solid wood shaft and...


  30. Eclipse Umbrella 1010000

    Eclipse Umbrella
    Available in 13 colourways, 75cm (30") canopy with 8 ribs, 190T High quality showerproof...


  31. Envoy Umbrella 1004346

    Envoy Umbrella
    190T high quality showerproof nylon Ultra strong fibreglass frame with a wood look grip


  32. Euro Tech 1014237

    Euro Tech
    A modern version of our Hi-Tech City style. Matching EVA coloured handle with silver highlights,...


  33. Firm 1014233



  34. Gemini Inverted Umbrella 1020601

    Gemini Inverted Umbrella
    Unique inverted 62cm umbrella with a double canopy which is manufactured from high quality 190T...


  35. Gusto Umbrella 1010928

    Gusto Umbrella
    190T high quality pongee fabric, Full fibreglass shaft with wind-resistant frame, Auto-opening, EVA...


  36. Hi-Tech City 1014236

    Hi-Tech City
    City style umbrella, Hi-tech mechanism umbrella lightweight design with foam handle. Manual open –...


  37. Horizon Sports Umbrella 1010133

    Horizon Sports Umbrella
    Full fibreglass shaft with wind safe frame, Ultra strong fibreglass ribs, 190t high quality...


  38. Horizon Umbrella 1000549

    Horizon Umbrella
    190T high quality showerproof nylon fabric, full fibreglass shaft with wind-safe frame, ultra...


  39. Hurricane City 1014217

    Hurricane City
    The best folding umbrella on the market. 3 section frame to make it compact for glove box or hand...


  40. Hurricane Mini 1014218

    Hurricane Mini
    With the same rugged construction as the orignal Hurricane, the Hurricane Mini is perfect for...


  41. Hurricane Sports 1000576

    Hurricane Sports
    The ULTIMATE in sports umbrellas. Extra strong fibreglass frame with guide ropes. Hurricane vented...


  42. Hurricane Urban 1014216

    Hurricane Urban
    Our latest addition to the Hurricane family. If you want a quality umbrella that will last, then...


  43. Hydra Sports Umbrella 1008551

    Hydra Sports Umbrella
    Premium auto opening 76 cm, eight panel sports umbrella with a strong 190T showerproof canopy. Has...


  44. Hydra Sports Umbrella - Colour Match 1013568

    Hydra Sports Umbrella - Colour Match
    Premium auto opening 76cm, eight panel sports umbrella with a strong 190T shower proof canopy. It...


  45. Intensity Umbrella 1000246

    Intensity Umbrella
    190T high quality showerproof nylon with overlocked panel joins. Ultra strong fibreglass frame with...


  46. Isabella 1011355

    Create a statement with this hook handle umbrella in bright colours. Add auto open to the mix and...


  47. Light Sabre Umbrella 1020521

    Light Sabre Umbrella
    Stay dry and safe anywhere in the Universe with the Light Sabre Umbrella. This futuristic safety...


  48. Majestic Umbrella 1006865

    Majestic Umbrella
    Super mini. 3 section with hexangonal shaft and rubberised handle, 8 panels, auto open and auto...


  49. Manhattan Umbrella 1020415

    Manhattan Umbrella
    New style with matching coloured handle, ribs, fabric and ferule. Fibreglass ribs with auto open....


  50. Marksman 23 inch Square Automatic Umbrella 1009631

    Marksman 23 inch Square Automatic Umbrella
    Automatic opening exclusive design black and blue umbrella with fibreglass ribs and shaft, packed...


  51. Marksman 30 inch Halo Umbrella 1013656

    Marksman 30 inch Halo Umbrella
    Exclusive design white umbrella with fibreglass ribs, metal shaft and rubber coated plastic handle....


  52. Metro Umbrella 1004747

    Metro Umbrella
    This has it all - Auto open & close, vented, foam handle, 3 sections with black electroplated...


  53. Milan Umbrella 1004610

    Milan Umbrella
    If you want to look good, then this is a must have accessory. 2 patterns to choose from in the...


  54. Mistral 1014221

    Our latest umbrella that is all class. Auto open and close feature and great colour options, this...


  55. New Event Umbrella 1010930

    New Event Umbrella
    190T high quality pongee fabric, Black electroplated steel shaft with wind-resistant frame, Manual...


  56. Nimbus Umbrella 1008548

    Nimbus Umbrella
    Very affordable 59cm, eight panel auto open umbrella with a tough 190T showerproof canopy. Has a...


  57. Octave Umbrella 1007969

    Octave Umbrella
    Custom made, 8 panels


  58. Orbit Umbrella 1007819

    Orbit Umbrella


  59. Parkway Umbrella 1005082

    Parkway Umbrella
    190T high quality showerproof nylon (available in 13 colourways) 75cm (30") canopy with 8...


  60. Passport Umbrella 1005080

    Passport Umbrella
    190T high quality showerproof nylon (available in 13 colourways) 75cm (30") canopy with 8...


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