Torches & Tools Kits

  1. Flashing Reflector Light 1007901

    Flashing Reflector Light
    3 LED light settings (solid, blinking, flashing left to right). Press on/off button power and...


  2. Safety Clip-On Reflector 1007900

    Safety Clip-On Reflector
    Single red LED light flashes when turned on. Power on/off switch on back. Belt clip.


  3. Tape Measure 1003023

    Tape Measure
    Unique design tape, Measuring tape 5M x 19mm(h) high quality measuring tape with black TPR grip and...


  4. 13 Function Multi Tool 1006616

    13 Function Multi Tool
    Stainless steel multi tool which has 13 functions and an aluminium grip. Includes a black pouch and...


  5. 13-Function Stainless Steel Pliers 1008953

    13-Function Stainless Steel Pliers
    Functions include pliers with 3 gripping surfaces, wire cutter, small knife, large knife,...


  6. 14 LED Aluminium Flashlight 1009820

    14 LED Aluminium Flashlight
    A super bright 14 LED aluminium flashlight with a push button On/Of switch. Includes a strap and 3...


  7. 2-in-1 Key Chain Light 1014512

    2-in-1 Key Chain Light
    Multi function key chain light which also features a handy retractable screen cleaner. The extra...


  8. 2m Tape Measure and Laser 1007582

    2m Tape Measure and Laser
    2m Plastic tape measure metric/imperial with spirit level and laser that measures up to 100m.


  9. 4-In-1 Multifunction Tool 1013387

    4-In-1 Multifunction Tool
    Robust aluminium pocket tool which features a bottle opener, knife and a foldaway LED light. Uses...


  10. 5 Metre Tape Measure 1007159

    5 Metre Tape Measure
    Locking tape measure with a tough impact resistant rubber outer case and a five metre metal tape...


  11. 5M Measuring Tape 1009619

    5M Measuring Tape
    Including belt clip with lock and auto release button. Features centimetres and inches.


  12. 6-In-1 Multifunction Tool 1013318

    6-In-1 Multifunction Tool
    Multifunction tool with a carabiner for attaching to a belt loop or back pack etc. Features an LED...


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