Desk Items

  1. A4 Cardboard Jigsaw 1013807

    A4 Cardboard Jigsaw


  2. A5 Cardboard Jigsaw 1013806

    A5 Cardboard Jigsaw


  3. Allegro A5 Notebook 1009566

    Allegro A5 Notebook
    Wiro bound notebook that contains 60 lined pages and a pen loop. Features a craft paper finished...


  4. Alligator Clip 1013244

    Alligator Clip
    Spring loaded clip with a soft rubber grip which has a strong magnet on the back so it will adhere...


  5. A-Plus Pencil Case 1012477

    A-Plus Pencil Case
    Pencil case with a zip closure. A lead time of 10-15 working days applies to this product. Indent...


  6. Assorted Fluro Rectangular Erasers 1001432

    Assorted Fluro Rectangular Erasers
    Fluro Eraser with black print option only.


  7. Bag Clip - 100 mm 1013122

    Bag Clip - 100 mm
    10 cm bag clip for securely reclosing opened bags and preventing spillage. A lead time of 10-15...


  8. Binder Flip Clip 1013239

    Binder Flip Clip
    Metal clip for binding documents and papers with a large branding area. A lead time of 10-15...


  9. BioGreen Flip Cover Calculator 1005509

    BioGreen Flip Cover Calculator
    This biodegradable plastic pocket sized flip cover calculator with a rubber grip is a fun product...


  10. Book Mark Magnifier 1002644

    Book Mark Magnifier
    Plastic book mark with a magnifier and a ruler on each edge.


  11. Bookmark Magnifier Ruler 1013240

    Bookmark Magnifier Ruler
    15 cm translucent plastic ruler with both metric and imperial measurments. Has a handy built in...


  12. Business Card Dye Cut Bookmark / Ruler with Noteflags 1006538

    Business Card Dye Cut Bookmark / Ruler with Noteflags
    Business Card shaped dye cut bookmark 13cm/5inch cardboard bookmark ruler with 1 block of...


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