1. 1.8'' Digital Photo Frame with Alarm Clock 1013736

    1.8'' Digital Photo Frame with Alarm Clock
    Holds 30-80 photos. JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG formats. With backlit alarm clock, date and...


  2. Arched Desk Clock 1002164

    Arched Desk Clock
    A piece of sculpture made from metal and nickel plated finish - quartz movement. Packaging: Wrapped...


  3. Clockwork 1007010

    Digital clock with double slot for placing business cards, includes 1 button cell battery....


  4. Desk Clock 1001634

    Desk Clock
    Beautifully set in glass with padded feet to protect your desk Packaging: Wrapped in tissue paper...


  5. D. Weatherman Station 1005362

    D. Weatherman Station
    Even though the climate around the world is changing fast, this weather station will give you the...


  6. Hangtime Wall Clock 1004473

    Hangtime Wall Clock
    Take digital notes when you're away from your computer in a meeting, the classroom or at home, Just...


  7. Labyrinth Clock 1003345

    Labyrinth Clock
    Mini clock showing time, month and date. Price includes 1 colour pad print, Indent item


  8. LED Display Clock 1019918

    LED Display Clock
    This LED display wooden clock is perfect for any desk, table or night stand.


  9. Memo Digital Clock 1007013

    Memo Digital Clock
    Mini white board for writing memos on your desk. Including black colour marker, digital clock...


  10. Newton (Stylus Projection Clock) 1010194

    Newton (Stylus Projection Clock)
    Projection clock with rotating stylus pen. This retro desktop item incorporates a red LED light to...


  11. The Flex Man Digital Clock 1007932

    The Flex Man Digital Clock
    Digital alarm. Displays time, date and seconds. Pen and message holder. Price includes 1 colour...


  12. Time Water Clock 1006956

    Time Water Clock
    Water powered alarm clock. Needs just a little bit of water to operate. Displays time (month, date,...


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