Car Accessories

  1. 3 in 1 Retractable USB Charger 1007827

    3 in 1 Retractable USB Charger
    This charger includes everything you will need to easily and quickly charge your mobile phone from...


  2. Andretti Car Phone Holder 1014072

    Andretti Car Phone Holder
    Spring loaded phone holder with a soft PVC clip which pushes onto car air vents and securely holds...


  3. Car Air Freshener 1011150

    Car Air Freshener
    Cardboard air freshener for cars which will keep working for one month or more once opened and can...


  4. Car Flag 1008098

    Car Flag
    Polyester car / merchandising flag with flexible 50cm pole and clip. Suitable for outdoor and...


  5. Car Pen Holder 1003277

    Car Pen Holder
    Pen holder which clips securely to car air vents. It has a removable clip which is supplied...


  6. Car Tidy 1013496

    Car Tidy
    Reusable litter bag which is ideal for use in cars, boats, trucks, heavy machinery cabs etc. It is...


  7. Car Wash Kit 1007622

    Car Wash Kit
    Splish splash give a car a bath with this car wash kit. Includes a sturdy 18 liter collapsible...


  8. Concertina Metallic Car Sun Shade 1008869

    Concertina Metallic Car Sun Shade
    Bubble foil concertina car sun shade with 2 elastic loops and 2 nickel plated eyelets. Includes...


  9. Dual Car Charger 1007600

    Dual Car Charger
    Dual auto plug adapter. Plug into power outlet to charge personal devices. USB output: 5 Volts /...


  10. Dual USB Outlet Car Charger 1577977

    Dual USB Outlet Car Charger
    The handy solution to charging your mobile phone, tablet or other devices in the car. Dual USB...


  11. Electron USB Charger with LED 1000118

    Electron USB Charger with LED
    Special USB car charger with 3 super high brightness LED lights. Convenient to use as torch and as...


  12. Elleven Car Boot Organiser 1006621

    Elleven Car Boot Organiser
    The perfect accessory for the car boot. This exclusive design includes a removable Tech Trap...


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