1. 4-In-1 Writing Set 1012531

    4-In-1 Writing Set
    Pocket size writing set consisting of a mechanical pencil, Yellow highlighter, a Blue ball pen and...


  2. 5-In-1 Highlighter Set 1013101

    5-In-1 Highlighter Set
    Pocket size highlighter set consisting of five different coloured highlighters in a smart plastic...


  3. BIC Brite Liner Grip 1003055

    BIC Brite Liner Grip
    New brighter barrel and ink colours, include grey textured rubber grip and multiple imprint...


  4. BIC® Brite Liner® Grip XL 1007846

    BIC® Brite Liner® Grip XL
    Bright barrel and ink colours! Chisel tip for broad highlighting and fine underlining, Extra-large...


  5. Carabiner Highlighter 1012517

    Carabiner Highlighter
    Chisel tip highlighter with a carabiner in the cap and fade resistant ink. The highlighter colour...


  6. Carter Wax Gel Highlighter Set 1008964

    Carter Wax Gel Highlighter Set
    A set of 3 gel highlighters in a carrying case. The tip is formulated from a special gel that will...


  7. Casino Tri Highlighter 1020238

    Casino Tri Highlighter
    Round tri highlight marker. White centre with Blue, Pink and Yellow chisel shaped fluorescent...


  8. Daisy 5 Colour Highlight Marker 1005594

    Daisy 5 Colour Highlight Marker
    5 different colour caps and chisel shape fluorescent highlight markers.


  9. Dental Floss Dispenser with Mirror 1020974

    Dental Floss Dispenser with Mirror
    Business card size dental floss card with mirror, including 10metres of mint flavoured floss.


  10. Double Injection Highlighter 1012528

    Double Injection Highlighter
    Design inspired chisel tip highlighter with fade resistant ink. The highlighter colour matches the...


  11. Dual Function Highlighter Pen 1012527

    Dual Function Highlighter Pen
    Multifunction aluminium ball pen with a Black ink refill and a Yellow chisel tip highlighter. Both...


  12. Dual Magnification Folding Mirror-Square 1013171

    Dual Magnification Folding Mirror-Square
    Rectangular double sided folding mirror with both 1X and 2X magnification. A lead time of 10-15...


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